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Our Favorite Things #2

Today let's talk about Kahoot! A lot of teachers use Kahoot! for fun and engaging classroom review, but did you know it is a great tool for assessing online learning as well?

For those of you who are not familiar with Kahoot! it is a website where you can create online quizzes. The most common type of questions are multiple choice, but you can also create questions that where students put things in a certain order. Students get points and Kahoot! keeps a running score and displays that top five or so scores to the group. Kids like it because it's like a quiz game, but I like it because it keeps the data on how kids did so I can use it like a formative assessment to check in and see how kids are doing. Since teachers set a timer for each question, it is great for quick check in and it keeps kids on pace.

To use Kahoot! in a distance setting, kids either need two browser windows - one to display the questions and one to input the answers, or a computer and another device like a phone or tablet.

I love Kahoot! for fun and timely check-ins with students. But you can also make Kahoot!s to check in on students' mood or surveys to get to know students. Parents, you can also get a free Kahoot! account to make quizzes at home, or have kids put in the questions to quiz you!

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